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Gregory Gopman, of Aventura, Florida has had strong entrepreneurial success since July 2007 and has since founded four different companies and counting. Gregory currently lives in San Francisco, California where he has recently founded and acts as CEO of Stealth.Gregory oversees the development of multiple mobile applications at Stealth. Gregory is a true entrepreneur and has steady work experience with sales. Since he was six years old Gregory has sold everything from candy to family and friends to educational books, fragrances, luxury watches, and skin care products. Gregory aims to make the world a better place through his innovative ideas, one company at a time.


The purpose of this website is to share the most useful information based on first person accounts to help anyone when traveling. Gregory Gopman has traveled all around the world and made some of the best memories while abroad. Gregory has found numerous ways to complete day to day tasks in new and innovative ways. Through his travels Gregory discovered some of the best and most essential things to do while in a new place as you will discover on the “Travel Tips and Information” page.

Careers and Lifestyle

Upon graduation from the University of Florida, Gregory founded Weekend Gator in 2007 in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. The company’s inspiration came from the need that Gregory and his girlfriend has so they could visit each other, while she was still enrolled in school. The company was based around luxury coach bus transportation and proved to be very successful amongst college students. At Weekend Gator, Gregory was responsible for transporting 200+ students from around Florida to select locations within the state. The company was later sold to Fabulous Coach Lines, which was recently re-sold to A Candies Coach Works. Click Here for the full article.

After the sale of Weekend Gator, Gregory founded in Miami, Florida. Phone Nurses purchased old cellular telephones, refurbished them, and shipping them overseas to new users. The company operated throughout Florida and eventually San Francisco. Gregory’s inspiration for this company came as he traveled to cities across the country and answered Craigslist ads from people who needed of cell phone repair. This provided Gregory with a perfect way to help stipend his trips and make connection in the process. After almost two years, Gregory’s desired to create a new another venture which ultimately led him to San Francisco, California.

In San Francisco, Gregory Gopman founded and acted as CEO of AngelHack. AngelHack is the largest hackathon organizer in the world. Top teams were awarded with cash prizes as well as being placed in an accelerator program. AngelHack was founded on the idea of paying more attention the hackers and changing the norm of how hackathons were operated. There was a very prominent niche for AngelHack as hackathons up until this point had been run by corporations that only wanted to test their products. The need for a change became extremely apparent and eventually a community of better catered to hackers was created. The hackathons were much more engaging and proved to be a more exciting environment for everyone. Beginning in San Francisco, the hackathons eventually spread to the east coast. The second hackathon to place in Boston, Massachusetts. Gregory Gopman credits his networking within the emerging startup community to his time spent in Boston. Through startup networking and meetings, AngelHack acquired sponsorships and major attention. Soon enough big corporations like Hewlett-Packard and Hearst Corporation hired AngelHack to run their hackathons in about 50 cities nationwide. After about two and a half years Gregory set his mind to developing another company, Stealth. Gregory plans to develop a mobile app that will unite the world and make it a better place.

Through all of Gregory Gopman’s connections and networking he was traveling every month around the country and internationally to about 40 countries. During this time Gregory developed skills that enabled him to travel better and smarter. He traveled to Thailand, which was his first time in Asia, under the umbrella of a company called Startup Workaway. Startup Workaway allows entrepreneurs to travel to a new country and stay in a mansion with other startup founders and work on their respective companies together. It provides a unique atmosphere where similar people aid each other and form connections. After Thailand Gregory traveled to Singapore and China. Gregory plans to travel more throughout his life for both business and pleasure all while networking and making new connections.

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