How to Hack Winter

Stay Activegregory-gopman-snow-running

Even though its cold remaining active is crucial. Whether you are just walking around your home or going out for a run in the snow, keeping you heart rate up and your body moving will help you get through the long days. I know it might be easy to curl up on the couch with a blanket but you’ll be much happier and healthier by staying active. so break out those running shoes or skis and the long-johns and get out there!

Driving Safegregory-gopman-winter-car

The winter is the hardest season on cars due to all the salt on the road and cold climate. It can be quite taxing on you car if you are not fully prepared. Some helpful advice I have heard and would like to share would be to fill all fluids (windshield, oil, transmission, etc), replace or check your windshield wipers, and change over your regular tires to the snow tires. Some other helpful advice would be to use your floormats incase you are stuck in the snow to gain traction, keep a flashlight in your glove box, and try to park your car facing east to use the sun as a natural defroster.

Using Your Thermostat Without Breaking The Bankgregory-gopman-thermostat

Heat can be costly. However this does not need to cost you an arm and a leg in the winter. By purchasing a smart thermostat you can program your house to be the right temperature and maintain that temperature in a more cost effective way. Also, be sure to make certain your home is not leaking heat through cracks in the windows, walls, or doors.

Take Care Of Your Bodygregory-gopman-cold

Winter can be very harsh on one’s body. Skin can dry and crack along with lips and other annoying spots. Make sure you use moisturizer, Chapstick or lip balm, and cover up so that the wind doesn’t hurt too bad.

Prepare For The Worstgregory-gopman-winter-emergency-kit

In case there is that storm of the century it never hurts to prepare for the storms. Make sure you are stocked up on water, canned goods, as well as charged electronics. Assemble an emergency kit in case of well…an emergency. Before you know it the snow will be gone but for the rare storms, its always a good idea to be overly prepared.

Take An Off-Season Getawaygregory-gopman-beach

Most people have used their vacation days during the holidays so this might be the perfect time to travel somewhere warm. I recently wrote an article on the top place to travel during the spring and you can view it here! The flights and hotels will be much cheaper and you’ll most likely avoid the crowds. Take that vacation you know you deserve.

Stay Healthygregory-gopman-winter-wellness

Winter is the number one time of the year for sicknesses. These can affect your work day or your weekend, or both! Whether its the common cold or the flu you can combat potential illnesses simply by washing your hands, using hand sanitizers, staying active (see #1), sleeping enough, and staying warm.

Hope these tips helped and you feel more prepared. Make a list and start crossing off the preparations you have done. Stay warm and check back soon for more updates!