Getting Children Into Coding

gregory-gopman-children-codingComputer coding has become a big topic of discussion in recent years. People are starting to experiment more and create wonderful new products, designs, and more. But what is the next step? Where will the torch be passed to next? The answer is, the children. The children of today are starting to become interested in coding by way of new applications found on their homes iPad or through lessons at their school. Today’s children will grow up with a better understanding of coding and the will be able to flex and shatter the boundaries that are currently in place for developers, coders, programmers and more.

Parents are joining the effort to encourage their children to become interested in coding and the possibilities of the booming industry. Children are being enrolled in special programs and school that have the technology and resources to teach children how to code and program. In today’s society of new apps, websites, programs, software, and more its extremely smart to get an early lead on such an interesting topic and have a leg up on competition when it comes to finding a job. Knowing how to code starting from the age of 7 will definitely raise eyebrows for future employers.

Coding offers so much that most people may not realize. Coding will teach users critical decision making, cause and effect, and provide young people with a real sense of entitlement and power. Knowing how to do something really well and being in a small pool of competition is pretty empowering. There is a fair intense learning curve when it comes to learning how to code so children will be forced to look back into their work and see where they may have gone wrong and fix the problem by themselves. Children can weigh different options and make informed decisions on the best possible outcome as it relates to the data available.

Coding can be introduced extremely early on in children’s lives and is said to be accurately presented as early as a child’s preschool years. At its very core coding is similar to reading, writing, and math in terms of the symbols used and the communication presented. Therefore when a child learns to read and write and understand the basic principals of each, they are most likely ready to be introduced into the wonderful world of coding.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to coding and the future looks ever brighter each day knowing that children as young a preschool age are developing and honing their coding skills. Children’s minds are like sponges, they are thirsty for more, it’s our jobs to provide them with what they need and quench their passions.

Thank you for reading!

-Gregory Gopman