Best Summer Lifehacks

gregory-gopman-summerSummer is amazing don’t get me wrong, but sometimes with the heat and elsewhere in daily life there can be improvements. I love to figure out new and exciting ways to accomplish daily tasks better, most efficiently, and with much less effort. The list you’ll see below will give you a definitive guide to helping better your summer and life as a whole. Enjoy and feel free to share.

Freshening Up:

If you tend to travel a lot like I do, you’ll most likely feel a little gross after a long flight or car ride or whatever transportation you decide to use. What I found to work really well is a simple trick involving lemon and sugar. If you’re on a flight and feeling like you need to clean up a little, ask the flight attendant for a lemon and some sugar. Combining these two will give you a makeshift face scrub and you’ll be awake and perky in no-time.

Summer Feet:

No one likes smelly feet, and I mean no one. When the summer heat waves hit there is no doubt you’ll sweat more than in the wintery month but that shouldn’t mean you have to smell worse. If you notice that your shoes begin to smell more than normal there is a homemade solution just for you. Take a fresh teabag from your pantry and place it in your favorite kicks overnight to deodorize them and wake up with fresh smelling sneakers.

Stay Hydrated the Cool Way:

Summer is hot and with that comes drinking lots of water. Staying hydrated is extremely important but no one wants to drink warm water when they’re out and about. Instead of drinking warm water, freeze half a water bottle full of water and then fill the rest with cold water. The massive ice cube at the bottom of your bottle will keep your water colder for much longer than a few ice cubes will. Drink up and stay hydrated!

Barbecue Care:

With the sun out, the barbecues come with it. Barbecues are some of the most fun parties to attend any time of year but there’s not many better ways to ruin fresh meat than with an unclean grill. I recommend laying down a small bed of lemon slices to not only avoid the meat from sticking to your grill and causing a mess, but also adding a little citrus flavor.

At Home Iced Coffee:

It is definitely iced coffee season as the temperatures continue to soar. You could either go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and spend $2-$7 on an iced coffee or you could make your own delicious brew at home. Simply by making a pot of fresh coffee and allowing it to cool down will give you great tasting iced coffee. Be sure to add some of the coffee into your ice cube tray to freeze and later add to your cup of cold coffee. This will ensure you don’t lose any flavor when the ice melts.

Happy Summer!

Gregory Gopman