Lifehacks to Improve Body & Mind

I understand how the winter can get you down with all the snowfall, dark mornings, early evenings, and cold winds, but there are ways to combat sickness and mood. It is really easy to fall into same routine day in and day out, but some small variations could make the biggest difference. Over the years I have found a few ways to keep me alert, healthy, and in good spirits overall, even in the midst of a blizzard. Below you will find my top lifehacks to improve body and mind through the ongoing winter lull.

gregory-gopman-lemon-water1. Warm Water With Lemon

Drinking warm water with  slice of lemon is shown to calm the nerves and soothe the soul. Its inexpensive and easy to put together, so theres no problem on that front. All you need is warm water, a mug, and as many washed slices of lemon as you desire. This quick remedy is sure to keep you warm on the coldest days.

gregory-gopman-stretch2. Take a Break

Taking a break from work is proven to increase focus and efficiency over the long run of any given task. Without a break the mind reaches a pinnacle for its ability to work and after the pinnacle is reached, inefficiency is achieved. This is the last thing you want. Spoil yourself with a 15 minute walk around the office, a healthy session of stretching, or grabbing a nutritional snack from the cafeteria. Take a break, but skip the KITKAT.

3. Eat Fruits & Veggiesgregory-gopman-fruits-veggies

Winter is not the season to skimp on eating fruits and vegetables. In fact it may be the most important month to do so. Fruits and vegetables as everyone knows are loaded in vitamins, minerals, and body fortifying nutrients. Its easy to reach for a slice of pizza but a leafy green salad is jam packed with everything you need to lower cholesterol, boost your immunity, prevent cancers, and promote overall health and well-being. If you do choose the healthy option of a salad, make sure you don’t douse it with dressing. Unfortunately dressing and sauces aren’t exactly healthy and can be a detriment to your new found health kick.

I know the winter is a tough season, but believe it or not you’re tougher. Use these small lifehacks to better yourself and you’re sure to be happier and ready to tackle any day in front of you. Feel free to submit your own lifehacks using the contact for on the Contact page of this website.